Ministry of Education Memos

May 10 2022:Memo to Child Care Licensees; Updates to Screening Tools, English or French
--COVID-19 screening tool for schools and child care settings, English or French
November 15 2021: Rapid Antigen Tests - Delivery Method Update
September 23 2021 - Memo to Child Care Licensees, re: Mandatory Immunization Disclosure Policy, Rapid Antigen Testing Updates, Extension of Pharmacy Access in English and French
September 4 2021 - Memo to Child Care Licensees, re: Mandatory Immunization Disclosure Policy - Rapid Antigen Testing Updates, in English and French
- Sample Employee Letter to Present to Pharmacy, in English and French
- Pharmacy Master List
August 18 2021 - Memo to Child Care Licensees, re: COVID-19: Immunization Disclosure Policy and Testing Requirements, in English and French
July 5 2021 - COVID-19 Screening for Licensed Child Care - Accessing Rapid Antigen Point-Of-Care Tests through the Ontario Together Website
April 7 2021 - Memo to Child Care Licensees, re: Stay-at-Home Order and Health & Safety Refresher, in English and French
April 7 2021 - Letter to Parents Template; in English and French
February 3 2021 - Memo to CMSMs and DSSABs, re: Child Care Updates, in English and French

Ontario Reopening Information & Other Resources
Resource Guide for Licensed Child Care - COVID 19 Immunization Disclosure Policy
Operational Guidance for Child Care During COVID-19 Outbreak,v8 (MOE)
Operational Guidance for EarlyON Child & Family Centres During COVID-19 Outbreak, v6 (MOE)
Operational Guidance for B/A School Programs, Kg - Grade 6, During COVID-19 Outbreak (MOE)
Multilingual COVID-19 Resources (Public Health Ontario)
Reopening Ontario
COVID-19 Safety Plan Template
Public Health Ontario

Ontario Government
Public Health and Workplace Safety Measures in the Provincewide Shutdown (Jan 2021)
COVID-19 in Ontario: Data, Health & Restrictions, Financial Supports, Information for Business, Tools & Resources, etc.

Federal Government
COVID-19 in Canada: Data, Health, Restrictions, Financial Supports, etc.
COVID-19 Resources for Youth, Students and Young Adults