Roots of Empathy

New Program Delivery Models for the 2020-2021 Roots of Empathy school year!

As an internationally evidenced-based classroom program, it is Roots of Empathy's belief that the “leaders of tomorrow” are sitting in classrooms all around the world today and that empathy is foundational to helping children build connections, navigate relationships and be inclusive to others.

Roots of Empathy is one of the leading social and emotional learning/bullying prevention programs for schools and will be offering three models of program delivery in order to ensure that the program reaches as many children as possible. Please see below:

1. Roots of Empathy Traditional Program
This is the award-winning experiential program that will be delivered throughout the school year in areas that have been least effected by COVID-19 and where schools will be able to welcome a Roots of Empathy parent and baby into the school.

2. Roots of Empathy Recovery Program
The Roots of Empathy Recovery Program is designed to be delivered in regions where there was significant disruption to schools, but where they are ready to welcome an Instructor into the classroom in October, either in person or virtually. This program begins with a new 5 lesson curriculum created specifically to respond to the global pandemic and to help support students' mental health, well-being and adjustment back into the regular routine of school. A tiny-teacher and their parent(s) will be introduced to students through photos, videos and stories throughout the fall, and will make an in-person debut in the new year. Students will learn how we are all unique but united in our ability to feel, creating a climate of inclusion, belonging and acceptance in the classroom. In addition to the Instructor-led lessons, this new curriculum will include optional teacher extension activities which will allow the teacher to continue the development of the emotional literacy skills that help with emotion regulation, as well as facilitate connections to the regular curriculum. After the initial 5 visits, the Roots of Empathy Recovery Program will continue into the new year with an adapted version of our traditional program model.

3. Roots of Empathy Adapted Program
For schools that may not be ready to host the program in the fall, the Roots of Empathy Adapted Program will launch in schools in January and will follow the structure of the traditional program. The adapted program will include a modified version of 6 themes of our traditional program delivered from January to the end of the school year.

Click here for the new Program Delivery Model Visual Overview!

To speak to someone about the program here in Niagara, contact the ECCDC at 905-646-7311 or