1. ECCDC kits are developed using consistent criteria and support children's development in the areas of: fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, language and literacy, social skills and self help skills.
  2. ECCDC kits contain resources that can be easily adapted for infants, toddlers, preschoolers or school-agers.
  3. ECCDC kits contain a variety of items that include natural resources, loose parts, authentic materials with different textures that appeal to children's multiple senses.
  4. Most ECCDC kits include French resource materials and activity cards and many also have Spanish resources.
  5. Wherever possible, the visual resources in ECCDC kits offer realistic images rather than cartoons.
  6. The visual images in ECCDC kits support diversity and reflect a variety of occupations, gender roles, abilities, ages, cultures, lifestyles, languages and racial characteristics.
  7. The early learning and child care community contributes to the journey of the Provocation for Learning Kit by acting as a source of inspiration.